Dr. Richard Wirthlin, Presidential Pollster and founder, Wirthlin Worldwide

While I made some difference perhaps teaching economics…actually getting involved in the political process had a more profound impact on the kind of environment in which people live

Dr. Richard WirthlinDespite being almost 76, Dr. Richard Wirthlin has no plans to retire yet. On the occasion of his leaving the Harris Interactive board, he talks about how he started in research, his interest in politics and days in the White House as President Reagan’s strategist and pollster, how the merger with Harris Interactive came about, his legacy and future plans. This is the full version of the conversation previously released in summary form as a DRNO EarPiece


  • Dr. Richard Wirthlin, President Reagan’s strategist and pollster, and founder, Wirthlin Worldwide

TIMELINE [20m52s]
00m00s Intro.
01m44s Inspiration for becoming a researcher.
02m51s Pioneering tracking surveys and rational vs. emotional mapping.
04m33s Having an interest in politics.
05m37s What was it like being in the Oval Office?
06m17s There’s something special about the Oval Office.
06m55s Lessons learned from President Reagan.
09m09s How politics has changed since Reagan’s day.
09m37s Reagan’s relationship with Margaret Thatcher.
10m15s How realistic are TV dramas based on the White House?
11m18s Spurning lobbying requests.
12m15s Rationale for the merger with Harris Interactive.
14m29s Is Harris Interactive in safe hands following his departure?
15m16s The future of market research.
16m07s Research firms admired.
16m27s Changes in industry leadership style over the decades.
17m46s Future plans: new book, newspaper directorship, civic interests.
19m25s Desired legacy.
19m53s Tribute from Harris Interactive.

Notable Mentions
Deseret News.
Dr. Bruce Merrill.
Dr. George Terhanian.
Gordon Black.
Greg Novak.
Harris Interactive.
Lyn Nofziger.
Margaret Thatcher.
President Jimmy Carter.
President Ronald Reagan.
Republican National Committee (RNC).
Robert Knapp.
Tip O’Neill.
University of California in Berkeley.
University of Michigan.
“The Greatest Communicator: What Ronald Reagan Taught Me About Politics, Leadership and Life,” By Dick Wirthlin with Wyntori C. Hall J

“Sometimes our future is determined by very small things.”

“You can disagree, but you don’t need to be disagreeable.”

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