Financial Research Companies In The United Kingdom


The following are the best financial research companies in the United Kingdom.

Esomar Directory of Research

This is an exquisite company based in the United Kingdom. It is a fully hands on independent full service agency with exemplary senior management. It offers quantitative and qualitative assessment of financial situations of companies. It works for companies across the United Kingdom, Europe and the World.

If you want to view the facilities, you can go to their office in Wimbledon, London called The Qualitative Lab. The fieldwork for any company include telephone, personal and recruitment interviewing. It was established in 1970. The projects it has handled are about twenty thousand since it was started. It is led by a team of professionals who are knowledgeable that uses a wide of variety methodologies.


Accel Europa

With a coverage of more than 20 countries across Europe, Accel Europa is an exquisite and exemplary full service agency of research. It is the European arm of the Accel Knowledge Group with a presence of over thirty-six countries across North Africa, Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Accel Europa has experience and expertise in diverse areas and they use cutting edge technology to collect financial critical insights.

The areas of specialization for Accel Europa include:

Pricing analysis, concept testing, product development, branding research, market entry, need gap analysis, competitive intelligence, B2B research, market segmentation and customer loyalty.

The following points makes Accel Europa stand out:

They are the 1st agency in the world to offer financial research and real time delivery of data of face to face interviews in the countries that it carries out its operations.

The methodologies that Accel Europa uses are exquisite and magnificent. Some of the methodologies it uses include TAPI, TAWI, CAPI, CATI, F2F. These methodologies are digitalized so as to give you authentic, accurate and real time data.

They have quick time for turnaround by use cutting technology.

Accel Europa has a management team with an experience of over two hundred years in online businesses, Infrastructure, Industrial goods, Automobile, Consumer goods, FMCG and Healthcare.

Some of the global product companies like Panasonic, Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola and Vodafone and consulting and research firms like IPSOS, McKinsey & Co, E&Y, Deloitte and KPMG among many others use Accel Europa for prompt services and accurate insights at a very competitive cost.


B2B International

This is another magnificent and exemplary financial company based in the United Kingdom. It deals in business to business market research consultancy. It carries out tailored research of markets throughout the whole world. Some of its offices are found in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Their experience and expertise is unrivalled and unmatched in a wide range of different industry geographies and sectors. The services they offer include qualitative e-focus groups, depth interviews, focus groups and quantitative e-surveys, paper, CATI, telephone techniques.

The areas of specialization of B2B international are: product development segmentation, pricing strategy, market tracking, market entry, market assessment, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and satisfaction, competitive intelligence, branding research, advertising and acquisition research.